Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Walk Down Fannin St.

Fannin St Sign

Walk Down Fannin St.

Next time you're in Shreveport,
I want you to walk down Fannin St.
And pay close attention to the ghost
of the old bluesmen sitting on the porches
of the torn down shotgun houses.

Mike tells me they're not there anymore
they only exist in the words on this page,
like the leaves they have been scattered
by the wind. They are wisp of smoke now,
from the cigarettes of the working girls.

Imagine that a light warm rain is falling
as you pass the juke joints of days gone.
Stop in at the Freemen and Harris cafe
and walk on in like you have been eating
gumbo since you were a small child.

And when the waitress says, "Come on in sugar!"
inviting you as if you were a member of her family,
take the closest seat, and watch the downtown
politicos wheel and deal. If I were you, I'd order
the stuffed shrimp and an Ice cold beer.

Belly full, feet rested and tired of that,
venture back out into the hot summer air.
Even though Leadbelly is gone, you can
still feel his spirit sing, "Good Night Irene."

Photo by Mike Rosebery © All rights reserved.

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