Friday, December 09, 2005


I want to tell you everything
Everything that is in my heart
I long to write the words down for you
But every time I try
My pen runs out
My mind is empty
I’m held back
And why I don’t exactly know
There is so much to say
There is so much that I feel inside
I want to tell you
That my heart dances when you smile
That my body shivers when you touch me
That I’m breathless whenever you’re near me
I want to whisper it in your ear
I want to scream it across a crowded room
I want to paint it into a beautiful picture
I want to write it as a breathtaking poem
But the words won’t come
I’m speechless in your presence
And all that I want to say is
I love you

By wagner used with the permission of the poet.
All rights reserved

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