Sunday, December 11, 2005

Poem Dedicated The Singer

Upon Listening to Jimmy Scott Singing "Motherless Child"

My bad, if I speak outta place.

I became a fan as soon as

That song came pouring

From your face

You break my heart, sir

And then, you heal it again…

In a note…

Long and sweetly sustained,

Like you,

Long sustaining a life

Of Red, and Blue

And yellow cowards who

Did not honor you

And your gift as

You deserved to be

Mr. Jimmy

You more than a Jazz or

Blues singer

You channel music like

Wells channel water

For those who have a

Thirst in their souls.

I believe you are some

Gifted weaver

Spinning golden melody

From your peerless throat

I believe you hold

The ghosts of slaves

Of past and future kings

And hep cats in the posture

of your Spine. I believe

You are one of those

Divine beings who

Holds the key

To the sound of human

Joy and suffering

In your larynx. Your voice

Emits such a cool,

Vibrant, warm

Yet goose-bumping

Effect on my skin

Like the cry of a dove

Like the soar of eagle

My heart knows

That sound, and I

Identify. I

Get it now. And I

Shall never forget

The Intimacy

The In To Me See

And feel

You bring

To my ears,

My heart.

My viscera!

Jimmy Scott, you are

A spirit

That will not fade

Lightly into

The dark indigo night.

But like a piece of

Sun, Mr. Jimmy

You warm and

Soothe and


So brightly.

I thank you

For surviving.

I thank you

For not surrendering

I thank for you

Becoming who

You were meant to be:

Mr. Jimmy Scott,

Life Chronicler

Standard Interpreter

Music Sweetener

Gold Spinner

Lyric Dancer




By Bluemoaner
Poem used here with the premission of the poet.
All rights reserved.

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