Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rod Blagojevich and Rudyard Kipling

I was listening to the radio just the other day and could not believe it when I heard Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich quote the popular English poet Rudyard Kipling. It actually offended me in a small way.

I love the poetry of Rudyard Kipling, and over the years I have argued that he was not so much a racist, but a poet who wrote about the romantic and heroic times that he lived in. As for Rod Blagojevich, while I believe you are Innocent until proven guilty, I just found it odd that he would choose that poem.

And then I read NPR's Linton Weeks article titled Rod Blagojevich And The Poetry Slam. The article gave me a total new take on Rudyard Kipling and his poem It.

Rudyard Kipling @Amazon.com

Monday, December 22, 2008

NPR's All Things Considered Interviews Elizabeth Alexander

Click on this article at NPR.org Poet Calls Writing Inaugural Poem A 'Challenge', to hear an interview by poet Elizabeth Alexander.

I found her interview interesting and the comments at NPR.org amusing, can you believe there are people who do not understand the value of poetry. Or who think that poetry should stay the way it has been for thousands of years and never change.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jackson Poetry Prize Winner Elizabeth Alexander Reads Work

Jackson Poetry Prize Winner Elizabeth Alexander Reads Work

In December 2008, it was announced that Elizabeth Alexander will read at the inauguration of President-Elect Barack Obama. Ms. Alexander will be only the fourth poet in history to read at a presidential inauguration.

Some books by Elizabeth Alexander @Amazon.com

The Black Interior

American Sublime

The Venus Hottentot: Poems

Power and Possibility: Essays, Reviews, and Interviews (Poets on Poetry)

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Carol MP3s by Grant Fitch

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol MP3s by Grant Fitch
click image for mp3s @Amazon.com

Here is a cool way to enjoy Charls Dickens' A Christmas Carol as read by Grant Fitch.

List of Mp3s
1. Visitors to the Counting House
2. An Ordinary Knocker
3. Marley's Ghost
4. The First Spirit
5. At Fezziwig's
6. Lost Love
7. The Second Spirit
8. Evening With the Cratchits
9. His Laughing Nephew
10. The Third Spirit
11. The Neglected Grave
12. God Bless Us Every One!
13. Clement Moore's the Night Before Christmas

Thursday, December 18, 2008


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Two Pages from an issue 1862 . THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS . THESE WOOD ENGRAVINGS FROM SKETCHES, OR EARLY PHOTOGRAPHS WOULD MAKE AN IDEAL GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY . The actual date is printed on each page . This engraving is over 140 years old. And is not a modern copy. THESE IMAGES ARE scanned at low resolution for quick uploading and are much better than the scanned image.. Size of print is approx 14" x 9.1/2" if it is shown as whole page, or prorata.. Approx. Page size = 16" high x 11" wide. Ready to matt and frame. These old Prints really look great with Matt and Framed. . Note this print is from a periodical and has printing on reverse.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Holy Night!: Masterworks of Christmas Poetry

O Holy Night!:
Masterworks of Christmas Poetry
O Holy Night!: Masterworks of Christmas Poetry

According to Ray Olson
The Christmas season is the time of year when poetry is actually heard in public, thanks to the resolutely secular works of Clement Clarke Moore ("'Twas the night before Christmas") and Dr. Seuss (How the Grinch Stole Christmas). Religious folk remind us, of course, that the season is basically of sacred significance. They might add that there is a vast body of beautiful religious verse for it, too, from which editor Moser here makes a small selection of real gems. He presents them in four parts concerned with, respectively, the prophecies of the Christ, the Annunciation and Immaculate Conception, Jesus' birth, and the promise of the Christ; each section is prefaced and "postfaced" by appropriate passages from the Bible. The poets represented, though predominantly writers of English from Cynewulf to Richard Wilbur, include Virgil as translated by Dryden among the prophets, many early churchmen, and non-English bards ranging from Dante to Pasternak; Moser, often with helpers, does most of the translating. This is a reverently lovely gift for the season.

A Poem From The Book

"A Child of the Snows" by Chesterton:

There is heard a hymn when the panes are dim,
And never before or again,
When the nights are strong with a darkness long,
And the dark is alive with rain.

Never we know but in sleet and in snow,
The place where the great fires are,
That the midst of the earth is a raging mirth
And the heart of the earth a star.

And at night we win to the ancient inn
Where the child in the frost is furled,
We follow the feet where all souls meet
At the inn at the end of the world.

The gods lie dead where the leaves lie red,
For the flame of the sun is flown,
The gods lie cold where the leaves lie gold,
And a Child comes forth alone.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2009 Poet's Market - A Poet's Tool

2009 Poet's Market
2009 Poet's Market
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Book Description - 2009 Poet's Market gives readers all the information necessary to research markets and submit poetry for publication. In addition to market listings, poets will find guidance for preparing and submitting manuscripts, identifying markets, relating to editors, and more. Plus, the book includes additional listings for conferences, workshops, organizations for poets, print and online resources, and the latest trends in poetry writing and publishing.

About the Author - Nancy Breen, editor of Poet's Market, is a published poet with two chapbooks in print. She's also a contest judge and speaks about publishing poetry at writer's conferences and other public venues.