Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tea Kisses

Alright! I confess!
I left the country
For the express
Of giving into
a nefarious desire
Due to a longstanding fascination

I made a reservation
and then engaged in a
most steamy
at a hotel during
a Victoria BC summer vacation

I choose to indulge
my Anglophilic passion
In a “scandalous”
Edwardian fashion!

This “secret” liaison
was held of all days
On a Sunday,
at the traditional
hour of three

The participants
in this affair
was only me
And the contents of
a proper Afternoon Tea.

Walking into that tea lobby
I felt very much like an
Wearing a large pink hat and
A flowered black and fuscia dress

I must admit I was impressed
By the show of understated affluence,
The baby grand piano took my breath away
I was astounded by all that ambiance.

The server played "mum,"
And poured the revered libation
That I hold in such high esteem

Holding the china cup,
adding a cube of sugar
and just a hint of cream

Taking a moment of
Whimsy to indulge
In aromatic foreplay
With the steam

Closing my eyes
Taking that first drink
Tastes even better
than in my dream!

Like an ocean wave
That tea hits my teeth
Rolls over my tongue,
crashes along the breakers
Of my inner cheeks
Like a lover bestowing
An intimate kiss...

Sitting the cup down gently
and sighing deeply
My senses were reeling
From that wonderful feeling!
What flavor, what joy,
what absolute bliss!

Picking up the cup
Again and again
Tasting Nirvana
in all of those sips

When finished,
I, just like a satiated cat,
Flicked my tongue
Capturing and savoring
The remnants of the tea…
its sensuous flavor
Still lingering on my lips.

Although I know
It was rather gauche
I couldn’t help it…
I really couldn’t resist

I left a substantial tip
And checked off my list
Completed one more thing to try
Before I grow old and die…
Tea at the Empress
The ultimate safe tryst!

By Lady Cascadia used with the permission of the poet.
All rights reserved

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