Tuesday, December 27, 2005

finding who i am

i am a whirl of pinks and blues wrapped up in strings of gold
i am a delicate softness with a steel core
i am warm arms to hold you, that need to be embraced as well
i am a smile hiding a deeper sadness
i am a soothing melody that dances in your heart
i am a whisper on the breeze
i am dazzling city lights of neon
i am old philosophy still practiced
i am that equation you never seem to solve
i am the feeling of being barefoot in the grass
i am that little girl you kissed one summer when the sun lay low and red
i am the shapes clouds take in a child’s mind
i am that silver screen movie star you’d like me to be
i am always a foreigner
i am words like butterflies
i am the deeper meaning of what you take for granted
i am honey on your tongue
i am curiosity held back
i am undefined and packaged well
i am love
love is...

By wagner used with the permission of the poet.
All rights reserved

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