Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mockingbird by my window

by my window listening to
Charlie Parker play on my radio
decided that he too could sing like a bird

His intro riff was a clarion call to heaven and
Then he dropped down into a minor key, the brother/bird tweeted
thirds and fiths and sevenths too, hitting staccato notes blue as the sky

He made it sing
He improvised and built his song
into a steady grind even making it swing
And I swear that I thought "this bird is messing with me"
He broke into a kind of scatting that was so joyous that I understood
The best thing to do was to just turn my radio off and listen to the mockingbird

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daylight comes through windows shut against it, as reality comes through dreams barred against it, and I come into the new day -- a chance once more to play this dangerous game of life. Shall I win? Who's to say? But you will know that I have played... ;) Glo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That's January

She chills your bones
But she's nice
Princess of ice
A piping hot cup of cafe avec du chocolat

That's January

I love January, cause she's my girl,
She brought me into this world,
A road that leads to Ms. Feburary's house
A winter wonder land in that Piney wood.

That's January

She'll send a gust of wind to smack your face,
Sit you down in front of that big warm fire,
Driving in the snow, trying to figure out where to go,
She'll freeze your toes, but cool your heart.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Storm...

©  December 12, 2010  Gloria Smith

The wind cried round about my house
And poked around like a little mouse
Hunting some secret hidden way in
Perhaps it too needed a Friend
It had forgotten where it came from
Or exactly where it meant to go 
It peeked in the window as it raced by
And saw me as I sat down and cried
But alas it was much too cold for me
And could not offer its company
So it snowed sparkles upon the ground
And called to me in a tinkling sound
As it played with freezing wind chimes
From a time when it had been invited in
And welcomed as summer breezes
Far away from winter's colds and sneezes
When it saw me at my window smiling
At the beguiling beauty it had bestowed
It went contentedly on its way
To poke round like a little mouse
And sneak about another house
Peeking very carefully in 
Across the dark and lonely miles
Should another need an awestruck smile


Friday, December 03, 2010

Musings On Christmas...

©  December 3, 2010  Gloria Smith

If you have nothing else to give away for Christmas; no money to buy presents with -- don't grieve... you still have love to give, and love you'll receive in return. Christmas is not a date but a state of mine. No, it's not like it was when we were children; it's much better. The magic has grown within us for now we can appreciate its essence. The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. So all grown up I will dream the dream of Christmas. I will go to sleep that little girl again with rosy cheeks and soft smooth skin, excited to know that once more I have awakened to a Christmas dawn. I'm still here... to love and be loved once again! 

Yes, I have grown older and have many burdens to bear, but love weighs heavier on my heart than any grief I carry so it is love I will share.

Heap on the wood!-the wind is chill; But let it whistle as it will, We'll keep our Christmas merry still.-- Sir Walter Scott 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


©  October 14, 2010  Gloria Smith

And now the day draws to a close
It begs me Dear take your repose
Darkness fast encroaches
While the witching hour approaches
Wolves howl and spirits prowl
October's chill and Halloween's thrill
Leaves crunch, squirrels munch
On hickory nuts and such
The moon shudders and pulls her
Cloud cover tighter 'neath her chin
Jack-o-lanterns grin with delight
In the pitch black of a fall night
I lean upon my window sill 
And try to spy some strange sight
When I see that all is still I pray
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take...

;) GLO

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Noon of Midnight...

© Gloria Smith 10/08/10

Oh midnight... orgies of thought rest in thee
Leaving me wrestling with store bought time
I stand in the glistening noon of night listening
To the muted hum of life barely hiding in the day
But in the hush of midnight wisdom comes 
Whispering... wooing me to her hallowed halls
As night time falls with wild and wondrous delight
Mysterious magical voices call my spirit out of me...
The broken moon smiles at Heaven; frowns at Hell
Not all souls cherish the bed; only the dead or dying
Let me run in the night... hot breath playing on cold air
Nostrils flaring with dark hair streaming in wild winds
I search for love as for a black cat in a deep well
That isn't there, and I must truly tell you all for naught
I fought for it but it could not be stolen or bought
I borrowed it; wrapped it around me as a thin blanket
Almost enough to keep me warm but the chill remained
Just a glimpse of immortality do I spy before I see
Dawn breaking in and I awake daydreaming once again.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunlit Heart

© Gloria Smith 08/06/10

I stumbled into the day
Into the bright sunlit world
The key to my heart
Was locked up tight
Against the blinding light
Of your love
Somehow it shone through
And poured into
The bitter blue
Broken pieces of my heart
Reminding me
That it was torn apart
The morning sky
Turned a weary gray 
As I thought about
You and I
How I cried
How you lied
And just when I think
That these memories
Can no more damage do
That these tears are through
They race once more
Down crimson cheeks
And speak louder
Than any words of grief

;) Glo


©  Gloria Smith 2010

Our haunted minds seek ghosts to find
Until one day we realize
They're with us all the time
They do not live within our walls
Nor walk with silent footsteps down the hall
They dwell in memories born of sin
Or thoughts of a love we could not win
Disappointments, bitterness and pain
Roam tirelessly through timeless days
Do not look far your ghosts to find
They linger in your mind
And ever will they remain with us
'Til we return dust to dust...


Humpty Dumpty Heart

©  September 07, 2010  Gloria Smith

My poor little Humpty Dumpty Heart
All broken, wounded, and torn apart
No one can put it back together again
What a sin... what an awful shame
I fear that I must accept the blame

I was careless and fell off the wall
Damn near killed me that fateful fall
ALL the King's men; even the horses
Chipped in and tried but it was in vain
Nothing could put it back together again

I swear I think I heard them cry
So here I lie... scattered pieces all
They never said if Humpty was dead
Just that he could never 
Be put back together again

So... here I am and here I'll stay
Shattered pieces of endless pain
I cannot explain how I fell or why
I only know that I remain
Upon the earth beneath the sky

Amongst the horses, amongst the men
And I cannot find a way
To become whole again
Nor words to say I love you still 
Or courage to say I always will...

;) Glo


© Gloria Smith 08/29/10

The evening drops her silent moments
One by one by one
Sunlight fades and shades of sadness
Bring the evening slowly, slowly down
I wait... words fade while dreams come alive.
I thrive on fantasies born of passion and pain
And what remains is only this 
Each beat of my longing heart tears me asunder
I wonder if you care
I cannot share my secrets with you
On this long and lonely night
I hold my pillow tight as crystal tears
Run past silken cheeks and into trembling lips
Lips that once kissed your face
You hold my soul and do not know that it is true
I am whole in your embrace
In this imaginary place of contrivance and illusion
God grant me the grace to face another night alone


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fall I was Eighteen

The fall I was eighteen

The blue tint of the ocean called us, we went
and never looked back. At Navy bootcamp the
California sun baked us, blistering our ears.
We folded tee shirts perfectly, thin, thick, thick, thin.

We built our bodies the Marine Corps way,
we did push ups knowing that the number of push
ups that a man can do is directly proportional
to what he has under him, pushing back up at him.

We swam like fish, even with our uniforms on.
And rose out of those pools wet and cold knowing
that we could survive. We graduated and went to
ships and manned the rails and swabbed the decks.

We mess cooked, studied hard and played hard.
We left the smell of the ocean in the beds of strange
girls, with their sensual kisses. Boys on the playground,
and if I could, I'd go back to that very fall all over again.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel

  • A very good book and winner of the 2009 Man Booker Prize.
  • This is one of those books you can tell you are going to finish after reading the first couple of pages - the quality of writing stands out.
  • It tells the story of the rise of Thomas Cromwell  and his relationship with Henry VIII.  The background given on the times is gripping - the intrigues between different courtiers is contemporary.
  • A very good read indeed.
Wolf Hall succeeds on its own terms and then some, both as a non-frothy historical novel and as a display of Mantel's extraordinary talent. Lyrically yet cleanly and tightly written, solidly imagined yet filled with spooky resonances, and very funny at times, it's not like much else in contemporary British fiction.
Mantel knows how to build a picture from the parts available, with nothing extraneous and everything layered. Here is Katherine – “as wide as she is high, stitched into gowns so bristling with gemstones that they look as if they are designed less for beauty than to withstand blows from a sword?…

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


© Gloria Smith 08/23/10

Quiet desperation is all around
It is quite still and makes no sound
I sit in my uneasy chair and stare
While the walls stare back
Blank expressions, stark and bare
I care no more; a wounded soldier
In an endless war, in a foreign land
No hand is offered to help me stand
I am alone in an empty home
The coal black night pressing in
Like a hidden shame, a forbidden sin
I strain to hear the lonesome sound
Of a distant train on a far off track
As the rain pours down, down, down
Slowly I drown and there is no one here
No one near, and the train speeds on
As I sit still -- and the walls stare back


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

walk & eat NORTH CYPRUS

A wonderful addition to Sunflower Guides - does what it says on the cover.

Tried and tested.