Saturday, December 03, 2005

About Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane has many interest, among them literature and lyrics. She also enjoys making jewelry, soap, quilts, and various arts and crafts occupy much of her time when she is not writing. Reading, swimming, watching and commenting on cartoons and anime are also things that she enjoys. She often sends protest emails around the world, and interviews specialists in their field at times.

You can read her poetry, musing on animation and other topics in her journal Jane, Literature, and Lyrics.

She is a retired educator who is a University of Oklahoma English major. She also has an equivalent of an Ethno-history degree (Minor in Anthropology Native American Studies, Minor in History - Minority Studies, Soc. and Psych. coursework) from O.U. Her graduate work was done in Language Arts focusing on Secondary Education from the University of New Mexico. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer and she taught for 13 years on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico until she medically retired after an accident in which she suffered a broken neck. Subjects taught included Language Arts and Social Sciences: Eng. 10 and 11, AP Eng. 10 and 11, Greek Drama, Shakespeare, Drama I and II, Communications, World History, Native American Literature, Art, Native American Studies, and Sp. Ed. (Levels D through B).

Suffice it to say she brings a wealth of knowledge to the blog and a certain amount of credibility. Her frank, highly crafted, well put together poetry both teaches and evokes some emotional responses.

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