Sunday, December 04, 2005

About LadyCascadia

Ladycascadia is a poet, storyteller, singer and songwriter who was raised in the "rust belt" but has considered the West Coast her home since 1979! While she is not quite a "singing cowgirl" in the Dale Evans tradition, she does consider herself a traditional and modern folklorist and well as a poetry writer/song interpreter in the Romantic and Western genres. Although she writes and performs poetry and songs about the region west of the Mississippi River: the lands, the people, their lives, loves, joys and concerns, the works primarily focuses on the area of the Northwestern US and Canada sometimes referred to as Cascadia . Hence her online moniker, "Lady Cascadia."

She has a very strong passion for literature, arts & culture in all forms. She is strongly interested in and committed to preserving the folkloric traditions of the Old (and New) American West through poetry and song...especially when it comes to showcasing the contributions of women and people of color who also helped to settle the West, but who have been for the most part ignored in the history books!

Lady Cascadia believes that poetry is meant for artistic expression rather than mere propaganda or polemics. Moreover, she feels that the constant use of poetry, literature and song as a political soapbox is an ABUSE of the art form! She believes that poetry should be a vehicle that covers all aspects of the human condition, not just the politicized or negative parts.

You can see some of her writing @ her journal Tea with Lady Cascadia.

She also has an official web site. Where you can see photos, check out her upcoming performances, sample some of her poetry and get news and networking infomation.

She is also the aurthor of a whimsical but honest book of poetry titled; Taking Tea With A Lady Of "Cascadia"...and other subversive, outrageous and highly creative poetic acts!

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