Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Fling (Bid me not to leave you...)

© Gloria Smith 03/24/10

Sing me into Spring...

Dream me into the day

And dance me into the night

I'll sway in your arms

Lay my head against your chest

To listen to the heartbeat of Spring

Kiss me with your tulips

Bring me flowers

In bouquets of fragrant sighs

While bird songs fill my soul

And soft breezes caress my hair

Gentle finger tips find their way

I do not resist their playfulness

I'll bring you sunshine in the morning

And moonshine in the night

Cotton candy kisses love

And afternoon delight

You'll whisper in my ear

Sugar baby honey child

My little Angel sweetie

My little Angel wild

Spellbound in your embrace

I drink in your eyes, your skin, your face...

Hold me ever in your heart

Sweet treasure of my soul

I have no self control

You smile at me across the miles

In pictures oh so still

I cannot hold you...

Cannot feel the warmth

Of your breath against my ear

I wander through your eyes

Searching to find myself hidden there

My heart sighs...

In dreams of you

I run barefoot in the grass

Wet dew washes my toes

My head is on your shoulder

The scent of Lilacs in my hair

Your heart already knows

But does it dare my love?

Does it yearn enough to learn

How to love an Angel in despair?


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