Wednesday, March 10, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

The Mourning Glory's wear their hearts on their sleeves
So do I
It is not hidden from your eyes what shines in mine
I cannot cover the tracks of my heart
It sleepwalks in the night playing bittersweet melodies on its heavy harp
Strands of passion floating through the air
Do you hear its siren song soft and low
I would draw you to my side... to my cool white bed
My heart sleepwalks in dreams of you
I am beside you
I touch you -- a fleeting touch
Do you feel me
My gown brushes your arm; cool silk silver satin slowly slips across your skin
My lips touch your cheek -- ever so slight as a thought forgotten
Does my scent stay with you in the darkness of the night
I warm your bed and yet
Hold me as a dream, caress me in daydreams
Breath of life consume me
Delusion of love 
I see you wavering in a mirage; a hot desert dream
I reach for you and touch the wind
I ache
Wake me not
Forsake me not
I am love
Waste me not
Desire sweeps as a wildfire through my body
Sparking, burning into a blaze of mad desire... fire
Waves of thrill build as I dream of you
I wait... a slave to my craving
A fool of love
She schemes to have me
Enchantress of the soul make me whole
Take me -- write me on your heart
Love does not care for right or wrong
If I loved you more I could not bear the longing
You are in my blood, my soul
Shrink not from the tingle of my touch or the glow of my gypsy eyes
My very heartbeat is yours
If I loved you more my heart would beat no more
I could not hold such love and live
If I loved you more I could never love again
All I have to give I give and live to feel your lips once more

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