Friday, March 19, 2010



© Gloria Smith 2010

I shall dream you tonight

in soft subtle shades of twilight

I will love your face

your skin

the smell of you again

The sad warm eyes that smiles never reach

the smile I love

the softness of your hair

I dare to touch you

I dare to tell you how much you mean to me

I'll kiss your name as it falls from my lips of flame

My dreams are free

God does not charge for them

Angel whispers fill the night

I am fast becoming yesterday

I am a dream awake walking in the past

While the future rushes in

as a wave upon the shore

Washing away time upon time

Until I see you once more


Princess Haiku said...

Hi Gloria,
It was nice to find your blog and enjoyed reading your poem. I saw you on the "best poetry blogs list."

Gloria Smith said...

Oh thank-YOU for sharing that and I truly appreciate the comment! Have a Super Nice Day... Once again... Thank-you