Wednesday, March 10, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

I write you all my heart. It is the only pen I have
Bright yellow butterflies light up the grass bringing a smile; bright yellow sunshine warms me
A piece of the sun drips from the sky giving birth to a bright yellow Goldfinch 

It sits still at my feet
With a tilt of its tiny head it casts me a look of puzzlement and flies away
My heart takes flight with it
From a distance I feel a prayer; someone cares
A prayer has sent an Angel to my side. Someone secret cares

I feel a prayer
I hear a thousand Angels cry as the rain begins to fall

It is cool and wet on my hot skin
I raise my face to the sky and open my mouth to taste the calm
From a distance I hear a whisper like an Angel's sigh

He'll hold you in the storm
Has Heaven sent a refuge
A Hero
I feel your lips warm and wet

I taste your mouth and tingle with excitement
Taste me
How long the night of hazy recollection. I dream
An Angel flies, a Goldfinch flies, and my heart flies to you

I feel your heart at once tender and warm
Angels whisper secrets to me

We smile together
I am an Angel with a broken wing treading in forbidden places where Angels do not dare
You will be there... waiting
Angels whisper secrets the bright yellow butterflies carry in their wings
Sing to me... play for me... love me in the dark and tell me secret things
Whispers on the wind -- Secret things


Joanne Cucinello said...

Gloria. . .
Your poetry is exquisite! Love letters spun with golden words. . .


Gloria Smith said...

OH DEAR... What a Precious comment! I'll treasure it forever!! Thank-YOU