Wednesday, March 10, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

I miss you
My heart yearns for you in the night
What are those strong arms doing at this moment

Who do they caress
Whose hair do they tenderly stroke
I am terribly alone

A desperate sadness descends on me
Like a midnight mist of moon dust 
Scattering the dark; shattering the night
My heart breaks as a rock thrown carelessly through a window

I hear the sound of it in my dreams
If I could slip my hand into the warmth of yours I would
I would rest my head upon your shoulder 

And pretend once again that you love me 
While my own love consumed me
I gaze at you and drink you in like summer wine on a winter's day

I memorize your face and find time suspended
A moment spins into a lifetime
The stars bear your name

My heart is emblazoned with it
Come to me

In my age, as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse. I realize that from the cradle up I have been like the rest of the race - never quite sane in the night. 

~ Mark Twain

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