Wednesday, March 24, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

Sing me into Spring
Dream me into the day
And dance me into the night
I'll sway in your arms
Lay my head against your chest
To listen to the heartbeat of Spring
Kiss me with your tulips
Bring me flowers
In bouquets of fragrant sighs
While bird songs fill my soul
And soft breezes caress my hair
Gentle finger tips find their way
I do not resist their playfulness
I'll bring you sunshine in the morning
And moonshine in the night
Cotton candy kisses love
And afternoon delight
You'll whisper in my ear
Sugar baby honey child
My little Angel sweetie
My little Angel wild
Spellbound in your embrace
I drink in your eyes, your skin, your face
Hold me ever in your heart
Sweet treasure of my soul
I have no self control
You smile at me across the miles
In pictures oh so still
I cannot hold you
Cannot feel the warmth
Of your breath against my ear
I wander through your eyes
Searching to find myself hidden there
My heart sighs
In dreams of you
I run barefoot in the grass
Wet dew washes my toes
My head is on your shoulder
The scent of Lilacs in my hair
Your heart already knows
But does it dare my love?
Does it yearn enough to learn
How to love an Angel in despair?

Friday, March 19, 2010



© Gloria Smith 2010

I shall dream you tonight

in soft subtle shades of twilight

I will love your face

your skin

the smell of you again

The sad warm eyes that smiles never reach

the smile I love

the softness of your hair

I dare to touch you

I dare to tell you how much you mean to me

I'll kiss your name as it falls from my lips of flame

My dreams are free

God does not charge for them

Angel whispers fill the night

I am fast becoming yesterday

I am a dream awake walking in the past

While the future rushes in

as a wave upon the shore

Washing away time upon time

Until I see you once more

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

I miss you
My heart yearns for you in the night
What are those strong arms doing at this moment

Who do they caress
Whose hair do they tenderly stroke
I am terribly alone

A desperate sadness descends on me
Like a midnight mist of moon dust 
Scattering the dark; shattering the night
My heart breaks as a rock thrown carelessly through a window

I hear the sound of it in my dreams
If I could slip my hand into the warmth of yours I would
I would rest my head upon your shoulder 

And pretend once again that you love me 
While my own love consumed me
I gaze at you and drink you in like summer wine on a winter's day

I memorize your face and find time suspended
A moment spins into a lifetime
The stars bear your name

My heart is emblazoned with it
Come to me

In my age, as in my youth, night brings me many a deep remorse. I realize that from the cradle up I have been like the rest of the race - never quite sane in the night. 

~ Mark Twain


© Gloria Smith 2010

The Mourning Glory's wear their hearts on their sleeves
So do I
It is not hidden from your eyes what shines in mine
I cannot cover the tracks of my heart
It sleepwalks in the night playing bittersweet melodies on its heavy harp
Strands of passion floating through the air
Do you hear its siren song soft and low
I would draw you to my side... to my cool white bed
My heart sleepwalks in dreams of you
I am beside you
I touch you -- a fleeting touch
Do you feel me
My gown brushes your arm; cool silk silver satin slowly slips across your skin
My lips touch your cheek -- ever so slight as a thought forgotten
Does my scent stay with you in the darkness of the night
I warm your bed and yet
Hold me as a dream, caress me in daydreams
Breath of life consume me
Delusion of love 
I see you wavering in a mirage; a hot desert dream
I reach for you and touch the wind
I ache
Wake me not
Forsake me not
I am love
Waste me not
Desire sweeps as a wildfire through my body
Sparking, burning into a blaze of mad desire... fire
Waves of thrill build as I dream of you
I wait... a slave to my craving
A fool of love
She schemes to have me
Enchantress of the soul make me whole
Take me -- write me on your heart
Love does not care for right or wrong
If I loved you more I could not bear the longing
You are in my blood, my soul
Shrink not from the tingle of my touch or the glow of my gypsy eyes
My very heartbeat is yours
If I loved you more my heart would beat no more
I could not hold such love and live
If I loved you more I could never love again
All I have to give I give and live to feel your lips once more


© Gloria Smith 2010

Angels wings rustle through the sound of the trees

As they bend in the wind; a storm is coming

A Dove coos softly in the sighs of my heart

And the puddles on the ground reflect the tears in my eyes

A storm is coming

Confusion clouds my mind like sugar spun cotton candy thrown into the air

Multi-colored thoughts strewn everywhere for the birds to gather

For the Angels to share

A storm is here


© Gloria Smith 2010

I write you all my heart. It is the only pen I have
Bright yellow butterflies light up the grass bringing a smile; bright yellow sunshine warms me
A piece of the sun drips from the sky giving birth to a bright yellow Goldfinch 

It sits still at my feet
With a tilt of its tiny head it casts me a look of puzzlement and flies away
My heart takes flight with it
From a distance I feel a prayer; someone cares
A prayer has sent an Angel to my side. Someone secret cares

I feel a prayer
I hear a thousand Angels cry as the rain begins to fall

It is cool and wet on my hot skin
I raise my face to the sky and open my mouth to taste the calm
From a distance I hear a whisper like an Angel's sigh

He'll hold you in the storm
Has Heaven sent a refuge
A Hero
I feel your lips warm and wet

I taste your mouth and tingle with excitement
Taste me
How long the night of hazy recollection. I dream
An Angel flies, a Goldfinch flies, and my heart flies to you

I feel your heart at once tender and warm
Angels whisper secrets to me

We smile together
I am an Angel with a broken wing treading in forbidden places where Angels do not dare
You will be there... waiting
Angels whisper secrets the bright yellow butterflies carry in their wings
Sing to me... play for me... love me in the dark and tell me secret things
Whispers on the wind -- Secret things


© Gloria Smith 2010

We are lost -- those who love, truly love, without reservation, without thought of reward, and without censorship of society; who follow their hearts no matter the road, no matter the cost.

Love is a fool -- it is blind and strong; as strong as death. It cares not about seasons or circumstance when it comes knocking.

It is born of the spirit and lives in the soul. It is not fettered with bonds of flesh but is born in the body of us all.

Foolish love... mad desire, dark crimson elixir of life -- it beckons us to drink deeply.

We pretend to resist but in the night watches of the heart we cannot but heed its call. Only the flesh is restrained but the mind, the spirit, runs headlong into danger and thrills at the quest.

How sweet the potion. How drunk the spirit, how deep the desire, how insane, how heady... I cannot die to defeat you. I cannot live without you.

Beckon on sweet siren, as you will and as you must. I will lead a revolt against you. I will fight with the sword of my will and I will lose but fight I must and fight I will until my last breath, and then... oh then you will have me at last. At last...


© Gloria Smith 2010

Ever the Golden Key is lost... the Lady surrenders her quest. I fight no more. My sword is in its sheath. My cup empty. My throat dry from crying; my soul parched. My arms empty as a poured out flask. My lips untouched. My passion calmed by the white flag of my surrender.

My loneliness owns me and I die... alone. No one calls my name. It is unknown. A soul lost in the night. I wander alone -- battered and torn.

Life held its beauty time and time ago. Love has eluded me like a deer running wild in the forest just out of view -- and so it is and so it will be.

I have fought a good fight. I was brave and true. My sword holds no one's blood but my own.

Night has overwhelmed the sunlight I once loved. I am its mistress. I abhor the darkness that invades my soul but there is no one to make me whole. No other half completes me.

I compete no more. The door is slowly closing. It creaks and groans under the weight of my discontent. My dress is satin, lace, and pearls. It lies still about me, so still about me... so still.


© Gloria Smith 2010

In moonlight everything becomes a sculpture

In its magic, questions are punctuated with exclamation points of awe

In searching the infinity of Heaven in a night sky

An Atheist thinks of God & wonders

The night haunts me like a phantom

All her stars belong to me

I own them every one

My eyes are lit with the scattered star dust of countless ages past

You walk in my mind; my heart - just out of touch