Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Loneliness haunts my weary mind
It lurks in corners of the room
It hides in the darkness and shadows of the night
I resist
Resting in reverie in the Valley of Dreams and Desire
It scurries cross the floor
In and out the doors, down the hall
It waits by my bed
I do not fear the solitude but this loneliness I dread
I think myself awake and it takes me
It whispers low... beneath a whisper
One I alone can know
I resist
If you are my only Friend I say
Why do you make me sigh
Make me cry before the morning's light
Shall you tell your lies once more
Yes, you frighten me ghost of the night
Creature of the past, born of sorrow and pain
How could you not cause it once again
I will stand in the spring shower
Stand and feel it on my upturned face
Drink it in like a heady concoction of life and beauty
And I will become one with the sun
Until it fills me with its warmth and power
And in that hour I will be whole again

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