Saturday, April 03, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

The best conversations rest not in words

They are born of utter silence

When eloquent emotions scorn mere mortal words

Only the heart makes sense

Only the heart speaks such a language

Only a lover's heart seeks to comprehend it

An unforgettable composition ever written

In weary, longing hearts through time

I wear the words on my finger

Like a diamond ring to say that you are mine

You are the music of my soul

The song I seranade you with

Is the one that makes me whole

It rings out loud and clear

In the hushed silence of lonely nights

Passing years cannot dim its cry

I am lost in the glory of its tenderness

In the bliss of its simplicity

In the night of my remembering

My Heart will sing in tune with yours

Across the shores of time

Our love is written in the sand

Our hearts entwined

I am yours and you are mine

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