Friday, May 21, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

I run the night alone barefoot
Over the gravel strewn road
My feet hurt
but I must walk on 
Toward the fork in the road
I carry the load of my future in my arms
And I cannot turn back
The past is a fog of hazy recollection
Strewn with tears and fears and pain
And yet when the rain comes
It washes clear the windows of my mind
And I find that perhaps it wasn't all so bad
It wasn't what I wanted but it was all I had
My Mom, my Dad, my Brother too
I was always alone but I made it through
This little girl with the sad little eyes
Full of tears that she never cried
Full of wanderlust but no way to reach the sky
One night the stars fell into her eyes
She suddenly knew that it was time to fly
Time to sing of the pain within her soul
Time to know that she really could be whole
And so she sang a little before she died
And she cried a little as she sang her life
The Angels tilted an ear toward the Earth
And sighed as they tried to hold back
The sands of time

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