Sunday, December 12, 2010


©  Gloria Smith 2010

The wind cried round about my house
And poked around like a little mouse
Hunting some secret hidden way in
Perhaps it too needed a Friend
It had forgotten where it came from
Or exactly where it meant to go 
It peeked in the window as it raced by
And saw me as I sat down and cried
But alas it was much too cold for me
And could not offer its company
So it snowed sparkles upon the ground
And called to me in a tinkling sound
As it played with freezing wind chimes
From a time when it had been invited in
And welcomed as summer breezes
Far away from winter's colds and sneezes
When it saw me at my window smiling
At the beguiling beauty it had bestowed
It went contentedly on its way
To poke round like a little mouse
And sneak about another house
Peeking very carefully in 
Across the dark and lonely miles
Should another need an awestruck smile

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