Thursday, October 07, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

Oh midnight... orgies of thought rest in thee
Leaving me wrestling with store bought time
I stand in the glistening noon of night listening
To the muted hum of life barely hiding in the day
But in the hush of midnight wisdom comes 
Whispering... wooing me to her hallowed halls
As night time falls with wild and wondrous delight
Mysterious magical voices call my spirit out of me
The broken moon smiles at Heaven; frowns at Hell
Not all souls cherish the bed; only the dead or dying
Let me run in the night... hot breath playing on cold air
Nostrils flaring with dark hair streaming in wild winds
I search for love as for a black cat in a deep well
That isn't there, and I must truly tell you all for naught
I fought for it but it could not be stolen or bought
I borrowed it; wrapped it around me as a thin blanket
Almost enough to keep me warm but the chill remained
Just a glimpse of immortality do I spy before I see
Dawn breaking in and I awake daydreaming once again


Josie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Noon of Midnight…” I felt like a formed a connection to this poem when I read it, which I find does not happen often. The flow feels so natural and the imagery and word choices kept me engaged. Absolutely brilliant poem.

Gloria Smith said...

That's the kind of comment that inspires me to keep writing. I appreciate you taking the time to be so kind!

Thanks so much...