Monday, September 27, 2010


©  Gloria Smith 2010

My poor little Humpty Dumpty Heart
All broken, wounded, and torn apart
No one can put it back together again
What a sin... what an awful shame
I fear that I must accept the blame

I was careless and fell off the wall
Damn near killed me that fateful fall
ALL the King's men; even the horses
Chipped in and tried but it was in vain
Nothing could put it back together again

I swear I think I heard them cry
So here I lie... scattered pieces all
They never said if Humpty was dead
Just that he could never 
Be put back together again

So... here I am and here I'll stay
Shattered pieces of endless pain
I cannot explain how I fell or why
I only know that I remain
Upon the earth beneath the sky

Amongst the horses, amongst the men
And I cannot find a way
To become whole again
Nor words to say I love you still 
Or courage to say I always will


thompsonk said...

I can feel the pain in this poem when reading it. One can only hope the heart will heal.

Gloria Smith said...

That's a Lovely sentiment... Thanks SO much for writing!!