Friday, July 09, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

I sat in the heat of the hot Summer's day
The wind wild and sweet
Whipped my gown around my feet
It's sultry scent was Jasmin laden
It bade me stay and while it played
It stirred the leaves of old Hickory trees
Simmering and shimmering
In searing waves of heat and hinted at relief
Little blue Chicory gloried in the shade
In the hot summer haze
Sunlight set the sky ablaze
There was no cure for
The desire of the day
No way to stop the fire
The Angels came
In their ecclesiastical attire
And prayed for Heaven's tears
To fall and save us all

The wind whipped my hair
Wildly around my face
Stirring a sultry scent of Jasmine
As you sweetly bade me stay
You wanted to play a lover's game
And so we lay in the shade
Beneath the old Hickory tree
You kissed me wild and sweet
Among the little blue Chicory
And set my heart ablaze
There is no cure for my desire
Once more you set my heart on fire
While the Angels blushed
And smiling turned away
The wood thrush sang boldly
High in the sky, as if to scold me
I prayed fervently for Heaven
To rush me your heart's key


Nithin R S said...

Nice narration about a lovely wind.

Gloria Smith said...

Thank-YOU for being so kind as to write. I truly appreciate it. :-)