Friday, July 23, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

Dreams wolves eyes shining
Sharing part of my soul's song
Wild to wild belong

Wolves eyes scorch the night
Glow green hot burning bright right
Into my sacred soul

Golden goblets shine
Liquid morning sunshine glows
Drink deeply sad soul

Blue Mountain Smoke Clings
To the Evergreens Birds Sing
Morning says Hello

Warriors Love's Knights
Armor clad Hearts clanging
Breast to Breast we rest

Butterflies tip toe
With rain soaked wings folded
Sunshine their Savior

Blue night discontent
Satisfaction eludes me
You are all I see

On a horse of fire
Riding the hot desert wind
To bring his desire

On a horse named longing
Rode all night in the valley of dreams
The path open to desire

On a horse named desire
In the valley of dreams I ride,
To see my lady longing
(Contributed by Kelvin Cook)

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