Tuesday, February 02, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

The Sky cried; she tried not to
She held herself tightly
And thrashed about all night
She moaned and groaned...
While the trees rustled out a warning
Morning clouds sailed swiftly by
And birds flew away silently to hide
Fearing for the day
For they knew her darker side

In a flash she lashed out
She wept and wailed
And shook her fists at the Heavens
Unleashing her fury on all men
But in the end she gave in
Falling exhausted to the ground
With a terrible crashing sound
Nature sighed with great relief
But sympathized with Sky's dark grief

Shuddering trees shook out their leaves
To wash her tear stained face
While clouds tenderly wrapped her
In a soft, white cotton blanket
Of Queen Ann's lace
And as the birds sweetly sang to her
A soothing lullaby
The Sky let out a ragged breath
And softly cried herself to sleep


Fitzgerald said...

Very nice Ms. Gloria, thank you so much.

Gloria Smith said...

Thank-YOU my Wonderful Friend of Friends!!