Monday, February 22, 2010


© Gloria Smith 2010

Love lights the night like fireworks bursting in the sky; colors bright and brilliant; rockets shooting, bursting -- they scream to be heard and startle me out of nowhere and everywhere.

Love explodes the night into a thousand sparkles -- suddenly, unexpectantly. Delighted cries escape my lips as my eyes thrill at its beauty. The intensity takes my breath away.

Loves... come strongly to me in me. Surrounded by surreal electricity I sway to the music of my soul's delight. My body strains to meet your caresses. My ears strain to hear your sighs. Tender words fall like soft, misty rain whetting my appetite for more and more...

Love - sweet firewater in my mouth. My throat burns, hot belly, fire in my veins, firefly flickers in my eyes.

My heart cries out... only care for me -- this and nothing more. I searched for you in the full moons light, in the beacon of its glowing beams.

I walk the paths of life to search for you and finding you I waited... the lady waits... every the patient lady of love, ever the lover in the night, walking her paths of aloneness to find the oneness of her lover.

Waiting in the night wind. The scent of Jasmine in the air, flowers in my hair... My gown flutters wildly, torn in tatters by the dark wind of desire. I shutter in the night and hold myself tight... alone.

In my dreams strong arms enfold me. I moan soft and low. Strong arms hold me. Deep kisses tempt me to abandon my restraint. The warmth of your skin, the perfume of our love as we join to become one wafts through the night. One with love, one with one another... one...

Love -- the longing of unfulfilled desire; the sweet delicious imagination of a pure and untouched heart.

God how I've cried, how I've died -- I only live in you. When I'm with you, when I'm with you... I live and only then.

Smitten yes smitten and love, tender love unfeigned is written on the tables of my heart. It is madness, it is lovely, and it is love...

I have loved you with a passion written in the heat of the evening on my bed of loneliness. I have imagined... and imagination has become my enemy... enemy mine -- we are... and that is all; lonely; a passion with no release, an evening with no lips to touch, no warmth around me, oneness escapes me as a memory of long ago forgotten.

I grieve... I would give my soul to have you. Is it not price enough to pay?

Love cannot be forced; her treasures cannot be stolen. A thief of hearts is not my trade but I would trade my life for a night in your arms... A stolen kiss -- forever my treasure wrested from love's tight fist.

She guards her treasure chest well now. I shall search ever for that golden key... and want none to save me from my quest...

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