Thursday, January 14, 2010


© Gloria Smith 1977
I took a moonbeam to a dream
A shimmering, shining translucent ray
It came as I lay in the quiet darkness
Raining magic sparkles, whispering my name
I drifted up to a mysterious land
Where dreams come true – and wishes too!
So I wished for you and we danced about
To the misty music playing in my heart
You took my hands and kissed me warm
Like yesterday, and mirrored in your eyes
Was all the soft, sweet love I felt for you inside
I know now that it never really fades or dies
Our love took wing upon the evening breeze
A pure and precious little white bird thing
Recaptured now trembling in the palm of my hand
Hard to hold and ever harder to understand
Reshaping – changing form into a tiny bud
Then bursting forth into a fragrant flower
Flooding us with memories; dripping nectar sweet
Come my love and eat – of love’s desire forever
As I awake the first light of dawn steals in
Through shades all drawn, and nights spell ends
I cherish our rumpled sheets and bed
I tenderly touch your face and tousled hair
And know I love you sleepy head

Published 1977 The Ashland Daily Independent & in “Strawberry Saxifrage” (an anthology by The National Society of Published Poets)

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