Friday, November 14, 2008

First Address To The Lord

Lord, guard me against proclivities of lust for things
that I can not have; teach me to see the woman as my
sister, daughter and friend. Check my ambitions and
show me humility in both love and war.

Nurture my most high hopes; to be a husband and a craftsman.
In the hours of darkness, be that light that shines
on me and my dreams. Grant me rest, least I lose my
strength, and dreams become nightmares. Mold me to my true
nature, that of a patient man, waiting until the waiting is done.

Make me a vessel that holds and spreads joy. Grant
me the opportunity for hard work that breaks into sweat.
Allow peace to be my guiding ray, and let me remember
that I never could have made it, without fear of the
common path of death.

Allow me to become stronger, wiser, better all the days
of my life. Forgive me my offenses against the and thy
other children. Wipe their tears and comfort their souls
for this is my prayer.

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