Monday, October 13, 2008

Article About Emily Dickinson at

Emily Dickinson has a very interesting article about Emily Dickinson titled Emily Dickinson's Secret Lover!.

The article presents recent research into something I have always wondered about, who was Dickinson's lover and discusses why it is largely being ignored. Consider this following quote from the article;
Andrews does not pretend to be the first person to claim that Gould was Dickinson's secret lover. Genevieve Taggard, a leftist poet best known for her Depression-era populist verse, published a vividly written biography of Emily Dickinson in 1930 after teaching for a year at Mount Holyoke, Dickinson's alma mater. Taggard discovered what she called the "purloined valentine," sent by Dickinson in 1850, inviting a mysterious someone to "meet me at sunrise, or sunset, or the new moon."

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