Saturday, February 23, 2008

Allen Ginsberg at megatripolis reading Hum Bom

Notes from YouTube; Allen Ginsberg - at megatripolis UK reading his poem 'Hum Bom!' on October 19 1995, HEAVEN nightclub, London. Shot by Steve Teers, Diva Pictures (

This clip was Mr Ginsberg's final public stage reading in the UK at the megatripolis underground club-night which ran in London between 1993-96. At the reading was an audience of about 1000 people. There was also a Q + A session later in the club.

More clips at and . A memorable, brilliant night. Many thanks Tom Pickard, poet, Lee Harris, crew. This clip taken from the DVD 'Allen Ginsberg Live in London ' a film made of that evening.

Allen Ginsberg at megatripolis

Allen Ginsberg


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